What if changing your face was as easy as getting a haircut? In Your New Face, fashion trends have extended far beyond clothing and accessories thanks to the rise of face-changing technology. One week, watermelon-shaped heads might be in — the next might favor huge eyes. Your New Face puts you in the position of a face stylist, the person who molds their clients like clay into whatever shape they want. But be careful how popular you get — the world of high fashion is cutthroat, and face sculpting is the hottest new trend.

The trailer for Your New Face.

Environment assets by Dorian Licata, floor textures by Diana Nguyen, character models by Ben Caulkins, UI by Sam Suite.
Your New Face was created as a part of RPI’s Experimental Game Design course, which pushes students to subvert traditions and tropes in narrative and gameplay mechanics. The game is a response to the question, “What if an entire game was controlled through character creation sliders?” and features both alternative character creation and outlandish slider-based mini games.
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